My Favorite Megan Picture of Megan

It has been a very long time since anything has been posted on my website.  I told my Daddy that he needs to fix that.

A lot has happened since my last post – my big number changed from 1 to 2, and then again to 3!

When I was 2 1/2, my mommy hired a professional photographer.  Some of her work can be found here

Anyways, I liked My Favorite Megan Picture of Megan so much that my Daddy had a big copy of it made into a wall canvas.

Ready to see My Favorite Picture of Megan?  Why am I asking – of course you are!

Here it is!

One thought on “My Favorite Megan Picture of Megan”

  1. I can see why that is your favorite picture, it’s just awesome ! I love everything about it from your hair to your pretty dress but most of all you !!!!

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