Peppa Pig

A few days ago, Megan’s Mommy & Daddy took me & my cousin Stephanie and her Mommy & Daddy to go and see Peppa Pig.  I mentioned that I watch her on The You Tubes.

It was a lot of fun!  Peppa and her brother George even took a tubby!

There was lots of singing, and lots of the people there (including Megan & Stephanie) were dancing near the stage.

After the show, Megan & Stephanie went to a little party, where we could color, take pictures & meet Peppa Pig.  There were some big people behind Peppa & George – I think because they were scared.

Here are some of the pictures that my Mommy & Daddy took.

One thought on “Peppa Pig”

  1. Hi Megan , I just love the pictures of you and Stephanie . It looks as though you both enjoyed seeing Peppa Pig . How lucky were you not only to see the show but to also go to a party , see Peppa and his friends , get to play and have a little snack . Sounds like a very good time to me !

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