The You Tubes

From before the time Megan was number 1, Megan started watching the You Tubes – first on Mommy’s phone, and then on something called the Pink One & the Purple One – which look like iPads, and then on the big TV.

Megan likes to have them all on at once, which makes my Mommy & Daddy mad.

But what makes my Mommy even madder (but my Daddy laugh) is when someone calls Mommy on her phone when Megan is watching the You Tubes, and Megan declines the call.

Anyways, Megan thought that you would be interested in what Megan watches on the You Tubes.  You can click on the underlines to see a sample of what Megan likes to watch on the You Tubes.

When Megan was very little, Megan used to Nursery Rhyme videos from a place called LittleBabyBum.

Then as Megan started learning how to click on the phone, Megan started watching videos from a girl called Sparkle Spice.  She has a lot of really nice toys – and Megan has some of those toys, too.  Megan still sometimes watches that today.

Megan also started watching other videos from other places, but there are 3 places that Megan really likes to watch.

Blippi is one of Megan’s favorites.  He goes to a lot of fun places.

Peppa Pig is another show on the You Tubes that Megan really likes.

And Megan also really likes watching Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

Now you know what Megan likes to watch on the You Tubes.

One thought on “The You Tubes”

  1. Very nice that you’re sharing your interests with us Megan , thank you . I bet you laugh with Daddy when you decline an incoming call for Mommy . That is kind of funny but very annoying for Mom . I didn’t know there were shows on utube that you liked . See you just told me something I didn’t know. You’re never too old to learn new things !

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