Time to play ketchup…

Lots of things to have you ketchup on…

First, there was this day when lots of people kept tearing stuff off of boxes, in front of a tree that was inside my house.  I had gone to my Mémère and Pépère’s house, too, but they had a bush instead of a tree…

Then, I went someplace really warm, where was was lots of sand & a few very big tubbies. And there was one giant tubby that went on as far as my eyes could see, with lots of water splashing onto the sand.

Then, I went to a place where I saw the stars of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And I touched a few of them.  They didn’t talk though. Maybe they didn’t know what to say to me.  And I went on these things where I sat down & they moved. One of them I was told was called Its a Small World.  It was pretty big to me.

And finally, my Number 10 – only one of these – it is absolutely perfect!


One thought on “Time to play ketchup…”

  1. Well Megan , you’ve had so many experiences since you last posted . You did a great job of ketchup . In a few months you will also probably love ketchup . See, that’s a very useful word. It can be used many ways . 🙂 So let’s see, after having your very first Christmas you went to Cancun, Mexico . You travelled by plane again and I heard you were a very good passenger . You saw many sites in Cancun but the pools and ocean fascinated you the most I think . . After being home for just a bit you made your first trip to Disney World !!! What a fun , exciting place that is, baby. Upon returning from Disney, a restful get-away was needed so that’s where Newport came in . Such an exciting month and I’ll tell you a secret . Were you not such a wonderful baby, your family would not be able to enjoy or even go on these fun times , Keep it up Megan !!

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