Some of Megan’s friends all blown up

Ever since Megan was 0, Megan has made lots of friends that have been all blown up.  They also light up.

Here are some pictures of some of those friends.  In some of the pictures, Megan was too little to stand up, so someone else was in the picture holding Megan.  In other pictures, Megan decided to let other people be in the picture with us.

There are also other friends that are all blown up that Megan has met, including Mr. Grinch & Bumble.

One thought on “Some of Megan’s friends all blown up”

  1. This is awesome that so many holiday characters become your friends and visit you at your house so you and your family can enjoy the occasion with them all . From Santa to Tom Turkey and every holiday in between, especially Halloween, you can celebrate with all of them . I also like seeing your brothers in the pictures . The Easter Bunny was even there just a few weeks ago . I’ll be happy to see them again some time . I’ve met a few of them and hope to see other ones soon .

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