Vroom Vroom!

My mommy rented my daddy a very fast car!  I really liked it?  Here are some pictures of me in it!

I have been too busy to keep writing stuff here.  And when I did write stuff for you to see, it took a very long time to get the pictures of me to work because the place where the stuff about me was kept.

So it was only fitting that with a vroom vroom car, my place to see me has been changed to a much faster one.  All my pictures worked on the first try and nothing went slow.

I like things that go vroom vroom

Peppa Pig

A few days ago, Megan’s Mommy & Daddy took me & my cousin Stephanie and her Mommy & Daddy to go and see Peppa Pig.  I mentioned that I watch her on The You Tubes.

It was a lot of fun!  Peppa and her brother George even took a tubby!

There was lots of singing, and lots of the people there (including Megan & Stephanie) were dancing near the stage.

After the show, Megan & Stephanie went to a little party, where we could color, take pictures & meet Peppa Pig.  There were some big people behind Peppa & George – I think because they were scared.

Here are some of the pictures that my Mommy & Daddy took.

Some of Megan’s friends all blown up

Ever since Megan was 0, Megan has made lots of friends that have been all blown up.  They also light up.

Here are some pictures of some of those friends.  In some of the pictures, Megan was too little to stand up, so someone else was in the picture holding Megan.  In other pictures, Megan decided to let other people be in the picture with us.

There are also other friends that are all blown up that Megan has met, including Mr. Grinch & Bumble.

The You Tubes

From before the time Megan was number 1, Megan started watching the You Tubes – first on Mommy’s phone, and then on something called the Pink One & the Purple One – which look like iPads, and then on the big TV.

Megan likes to have them all on at once, which makes my Mommy & Daddy mad.

But what makes my Mommy even madder (but my Daddy laugh) is when someone calls Mommy on her phone when Megan is watching the You Tubes, and Megan declines the call.

Anyways, Megan thought that you would be interested in what Megan watches on the You Tubes.  You can click on the underlines to see a sample of what Megan likes to watch on the You Tubes.

When Megan was very little, Megan used to Nursery Rhyme videos from a place called LittleBabyBum.

Then as Megan started learning how to click on the phone, Megan started watching videos from a girl called Sparkle Spice.  She has a lot of really nice toys – and Megan has some of those toys, too.  Megan still sometimes watches that today.

Megan also started watching other videos from other places, but there are 3 places that Megan really likes to watch.

Blippi is one of Megan’s favorites.  He goes to a lot of fun places.

Peppa Pig is another show on the You Tubes that Megan really likes.

And Megan also really likes watching Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom.

Now you know what Megan likes to watch on the You Tubes.

Megan & my best friend Belle

Megan has a best friend named Belle.  But Megan likes to call her Belly… 🙂

Megan first met Belle when Megan was the number 1.  When Megan was the number 2, Belle moved far far away, but she lives very close to Mickey & Minnie Mouse.  When I was number 3, I saw Belle again when we went to visit Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Here are some pictures of Megan & Belle.  In most of them when Megan was the number 1 & number 2, either Megan, Belle, or Megan & Belle weren’t looking at the camera that good.

But even when Megan wasn’t looking, everyone knows who Megan is.

Belle will be visiting near Megan’s house during the summer.  We will hava a lot of fun!  Megan can’t wait! 🙂

Megan is a Toys Were Us Kid

I am so upset that the only big toy store that I know is going big night nights.

But then I was very surprised to find out that my Daddy, Mémère, and other people I know used to play inside another big toy store called Child World. I even found out that Toys Were Us shows some information on Child World.

My Daddy even has a Peter Panda – Child World’s mascot.

Maybe someone will wake up Toys R Us before it takes too long of a big night night…

My Favorite Megan Picture of Megan

It has been a very long time since anything has been posted on my website.  I told my Daddy that he needs to fix that.

A lot has happened since my last post – my big number changed from 1 to 2, and then again to 3!

When I was 2 1/2, my mommy hired a professional photographer.  Some of her work can be found here

Anyways, I liked My Favorite Megan Picture of Megan so much that my Daddy had a big copy of it made into a wall canvas.

Ready to see My Favorite Picture of Megan?  Why am I asking – of course you are!

Here it is!

Time to play ketchup…

Lots of things to have you ketchup on…

First, there was this day when lots of people kept tearing stuff off of boxes, in front of a tree that was inside my house.  I had gone to my Mémère and Pépère’s house, too, but they had a bush instead of a tree…

Then, I went someplace really warm, where was was lots of sand & a few very big tubbies. And there was one giant tubby that went on as far as my eyes could see, with lots of water splashing onto the sand.

Then, I went to a place where I saw the stars of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And I touched a few of them.  They didn’t talk though. Maybe they didn’t know what to say to me.  And I went on these things where I sat down & they moved. One of them I was told was called Its a Small World.  It was pretty big to me.

And finally, my Number 10 – only one of these – it is absolutely perfect!