Megan is a Toys Were Us Kid

I am so upset that the only big toy store that I know is going big night nights.

But then I was very surprised to find out that my Daddy, Mémère, and other people I know used to play inside another big toy store called Child World. I even found out that Toys Were Us shows some information on Child World.

My Daddy even has a Peter Panda – Child World’s mascot.

Maybe someone will wake up Toys R Us before it takes too long of a big night night…

One thought on “Megan is a Toys Were Us Kid”

  1. I agree too Mega that it’s too bad Toys R Us is going big night nights . Maybe an even bigger toy store is coming in the near future, that would be nice for all you kids .

    Yes, Daddy, Memere and Auntie Janelle all worked at Child World . Your Daddy was manger of an area called Nintendo World . He was super at his job . All the store managers around and even corporate people knew how awesome he was . If Child World was still open, I bet Daddy and me would still be there .

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