I think my brothers still like me

As I’m getting older, I’m beginning to wonder if my brothers still like me – I think they do.

My brother, Matthew, is giving me a bottle – I’ve only had a few bottles in my life, and he seems to do a good job at giving it to me.

DSC02474 DSC02472

My brother Michael still likes to hold me – and I like being held by him.

DSC02478 DSC02480

And he thought he was being funny by taking my binky – it was sort of funny when he did it…


… but not so funny when Matthew did it…


So it looks like my brothers still like me.  And I’m very happy that they do. 🙂

Hotdog – its Burrito Ville!

Back when I was very little, I used to like to be hot-dogged.  Both my Mommy & my Daddy do a good job, but when my Daddy does it, I have a harder time getting my arms out.

Here are some pictures of my when I was little, being hot-dogged.  As you can see, my Mommy took a picture of me on her phone while I was hot-dogged.

DSC00245 DSC00327

As I’ve gotten older, I still like getting hot-dogged, but it evolved into something a little more…

DSC00377 DSC00376 DSC00378 DSC00438

Care to guess what it is?

It involves my favorite wrap-me-up blanket that my Auntie Kim bought me…

DSC02451 DSC02450 DSC02449 DSC02452

I’m burritoed – and I look good enough to eat! 🙂

More Important People to me

Last weekend, my brother Matthew made his First Holy Communion.

There were lots of other Little Big People there who were also making their First Holy Communion – most of them were girls like me.

Afterwards, some people came back to where I live. They couldn’t wait to cuddle up with me. Here are some of them:

This is my Auntie Jan – she is Matthew’s Godmother.


This is my Uncle Frank – he is Matthew’s Godfather.


These are pictures of my Nana with her friend, Paula.


Here are some pictures with some cousins – Sister Margaret (and Matthew) & her sister Noreen.


My Daddy’s brother, Uncle Timmy is here – and in one of the pictures with his wife, my Auntie Nicole


This is my Daddy’s Godmother, Auntie Diane.


And here are a few pictures of my Daddy’s parents – my Memere & Pepere.


I have also met several other people over my lifetime – I’ll continue to introduce them to you in future posts.

And I’m sure that I’ll continue to meet lots more people as I get older. And you may meet them, too. 😃