Megan & my best friend Belle

Megan has a best friend named Belle.  But Megan likes to call her Belly… 🙂

Megan first met Belle when Megan was the number 1.  When Megan was the number 2, Belle moved far far away, but she lives very close to Mickey & Minnie Mouse.  When I was number 3, I saw Belle again when we went to visit Mickey & Minnie Mouse.

Here are some pictures of Megan & Belle.  In most of them when Megan was the number 1 & number 2, either Megan, Belle, or Megan & Belle weren’t looking at the camera that good.

But even when Megan wasn’t looking, everyone knows who Megan is.

Belle will be visiting near Megan’s house during the summer.  We will hava a lot of fun!  Megan can’t wait! 🙂

One thought on “Megan & my best friend Belle”

  1. You had lots of fun with Belle I see . Belle must have been so happy to see you . I bet you and her loved Disney World and that you can’t wait to go back there and see her again .

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