My New Seat & The Number 4

A few sleeps ago, I woke up to find a new seat, where the top spins & it has a few toys on it, and I can put other things on it.

My Mommy bought it, but my Daddy put it together.

I think that I really like it!

In fact, I like it so much that I had many pictures taken of me with the Number 4 while I was in it – but with the part of the tray that comes off (so I can be put in & out) taken off.

And then my brother Michael held me with the Number 4, and I had some more pictures taken while I was in my burrito.

I’ll be wearing the number 5 soon – I can count really good!

2 thoughts on “My New Seat & The Number 4”

  1. Ah Megan, I was anxious to see you wearing the number 4 . It was a nice surprise to see Michael holding you . That’s so cute . I love your new seat too . šŸ™‚

  2. Wow, Megan, you really look like your big brother Michael did! You look so big and comfy in that seat and it seems like your eyes are still blue…I wonder if they’ll change? I’m glad you still like your burrito blanket, you’re ready for night night!

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