Even more of the Big Tubby

I’m spending more & more time in The Big Tubby – and it seems that there are lots of times when there are little big people & even more little big people in there with me.

My Mommy is in there a lot with me, too!  I like it when she hold me.

I’m spending so much more time in the Big Tubby that my Mommy & Daddy haven;t had much time to update my website.

Here are some recent pictures of me in there

One thought on “Even more of the Big Tubby”

  1. Megan, that was a very special day . We were celebrating Matthew’s 8th birthday . It was his family birthday party . It was a little late, like two months . 🙂 You have the prettiest smile in those pictures. You love the big tubby don’t you and everyone loves having their picture taken with you .

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