The Big Tubby


I’ve taken a few tubbies during my life.  Usually, I a the only one in the tubby, and there are big people outside of the tubby.

This time, I was in a big tubby with lots of other people.  I was also in 2 floaty things.  I really didn’t know what to think of it, but i do know that my hair & face didn’t get washed in this tubby – and I was wearing a lot of clothes.

Strange for a tubby…

2 thoughts on “The Big Tubby”

  1. Hi Megan! You are going to have lots of fun in a couple of years in that giant tubby and you probably won’t want to come out! Cousin Richie loves the giant tubby and wears a little Puddle Jumper with a monkey on it, and he won’t swim without his “monkey on”! 🙂

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