One-Month Pictures & More…

Can you believe that I’ve been alive for over a month?  Do this 11 more times, and I’ll be around for a whole year!

I said it before, and as I’m getting older, I’m believing it more & more – the older you get, the quicker time goes by.

Here are a few pictures of me when I turned 1 month

DSC00384 DSC00383 DSC00381

Next month, I will have a “2 month” sticker on me, and the following month “3 month” – but that will be a long time away.

My two brothers, Michael & Matthew both have been taking very good care of me.

Here are some pictures of them them me:

DSC02266 DSC02265DSC02272 DSC02268

It actually doesn’t surprise me that Michael is a really good big brother – look at how he held Matthew when he (Matthew) was around my age:

ourKids2007 051

Here are a few pictures of Michael around his 1-month birthday:

Michael2004 235 Michael2004 239

and here are some of Matthew around the same age:

matthew2007 180 matthew2007 182

and look at how big they are now!

I think the pictures of Michael & Matthew are fake – they could never have been as small as me.

Do you agree?

One thought on “One-Month Pictures & More…”

  1. Megan , you’ve been doing a very lot of thinking about this place that you have just entered called the earth . We’re lucky to have you here . You’re correct about everything but Michael and Matthew were actually the same size at one time that you are now . They’ve grown to be beautiful young children as you will too !

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