My first cute nickname

A long time ago, before I had my name, my pediatrician made an appointment to see me.  She put down “princess” as the appointment name.

My name is Megan – and I like being called Megan.  My Mommy started calling me Meggy & Meg – to which my Daddy says it is Megan.

She called me Meg again yesterday.  My Daddy said that he is going to turn it into something cute, so he called me Nutmeg.  And then, because of what my pediatrician called me, he decided to call me Princess Nutmeg.

It is cute – but I’m not sure if I like it – but he obviously likes it because he bought – and pointed it to my site. 🙂

One thought on “My first cute nickname”

  1. Your Daddy thought of a really, really cute nickname for you . Little Princess Nutmeg . You are a Princess . Mommy and Daddy waited so long for you since they already have two awesome little, big boys, now. I hope you like Nutmeg because your Memere will be calling you that .

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