Hotdog – its Burrito Ville!

Back when I was very little, I used to like to be hot-dogged.  Both my Mommy & my Daddy do a good job, but when my Daddy does it, I have a harder time getting my arms out.

Here are some pictures of my when I was little, being hot-dogged.  As you can see, my Mommy took a picture of me on her phone while I was hot-dogged.

DSC00245 DSC00327

As I’ve gotten older, I still like getting hot-dogged, but it evolved into something a little more…

DSC00377 DSC00376 DSC00378 DSC00438

Care to guess what it is?

It involves my favorite wrap-me-up blanket that my Auntie Kim bought me…

DSC02451 DSC02450 DSC02449 DSC02452

I’m burritoed – and I look good enough to eat! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hotdog – its Burrito Ville!”

  1. You look so comfy Nutmeg . I think you look like a caterpillar in the wrap Auntie Kim gave you and you will soon turn into a beautiful butterfly !

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