A New Home

Back when my Daddy was looking to setup my diary, he was looking for some domain names.  There was one in particular that he was interested in, but it was already owned by someone else.

But he noticed that it was set to expire in a few weeks.  So he periodically checked the status of it.

The owner didn’t renew it, and my Daddy was able to scoop it up as soon as it went to a closeout auction.

In case you didn’t notice, the URL at the top of your browser changed – it now starts with BABYMEGAN.COM. The URL has also been in existence for quite some time – over 12 years. So I really think that my Daddy was very lucky to have obtained it.

Because of privacy concerns, my Daddy also thought it wise not to use my full name (as well as Michael & Matthew) as the host of my website.  Instead, have the site be hosted under a more ambiguous name.  And I feel that BABYMEGAN.COM is a perfect name to host my diary.

All existing names that pointed to my old website name – and the old website name itself – have been changed to point here.  So if you have a copy of My Birth Announcement, which has my website name on it, it’ll just redirect you here.

Please let me know if there are any links, etc. on this site that no longer work & my Daddy will fix them.

Do you like the name BABYMEGAN.COM?

One thought on “A New Home”

  1. Your Daddy was very lucky, persistent and patient to get that web site for you . I love the name ! You know Megan that this computer stuff is all Greek to me . Greek is one of hundreds of languages spoken in the world and I don’t know Greek . You will speak English when you learn to talk as all the people around here speak English . I spoke French and didn’t know any English until I was five years old . That’s because all of the people that I knew spoke French even though they knew English . I should tell you about your heritage while we’re on this subject of languages even though you’re too young to care or even understand . Maybe your Daddy and brothers will be interested . As you can tell by our last name, we are French . My maiden name was Parisien . So we have ancestors that not only come from Canada but also from France . We do have a lot of English ancestors too . My Father’s Mother , your Great-Great Grandmother was a Harvey and my Mother’s mother was an Armstrong . I wish I had paid more attention when I was young to the stories my parents told me about their ancestors . So when your parents an Nana talk about these people , do a better job of listening than I did . 🙂

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