Someone left ME a message! 😃

Today when my Mommy was checking the messages on the answering machine, I was listening to them with her.

Much to my delight, there was a message on there that said this message is for MEGAN (that’s me!), reminding me that I have a doctor’s appointment coming up.

They could have left the message for my Mommy, but they left it for ME!

I must have made quite an impression on them the last time I went to the doctor – I guess they really like me there. 😃

2 thoughts on “Someone left ME a message! 😃”

  1. Okay Megan ( Nutmeg, Eggnog ) be sure and let me know about your progress . You’re almost a month old already. That first smile of yours will be coming soon . 🙂 Everybody can’t wait to see it .

  2. Oops Megan . Memere typed Eggnog instead of Megnog ! You know what ? That can be the first lesson you learn . Everyone makes boo-boos ( mistakes ) . Even grown-ups so don’t worry about making mistakes, that’s part of life . Just fix the mistake and forget about it . 🙂

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